by J&S Creative Enterprises

There are many ways to learn about horses. Here at J&S Horse Introductions, what we DO NOT do is stick you on a horse and say, "Okay, ride!" 

Instead, our way is to guide and teach you how to experience horses safely by first having the Horse teach you! 

We will love to introduce our horses to you in the same way we learn- gradually. We have created hands-on programs with increasing levels of experiences so that each program level builts upon the previous one. 

At all levels we begin your introduction by having you observe an Introduction Specialist working with a horse and explaining what you are seeing. You will have hands-on experiences how you can use yourself to speak the same language as a horse through emotions, body language, and the effects of touch and timing.  In this way you can safely begin to experience first-hand the wonderful relationship with horses! 


Horse Introduction's horse handlers are experienced Horse Introduction Specialists who will expertly evaluate and approve each person for the best suited learning level no matter what activity is provided. Please read all the Activity Program descriptions carefully before completing your Horse Introduction & Safety Questionnaireand Reservation Request.

We look forward to sharing our horses with you!     

For additional insight into the methods, principles, science and medical research that we apply to our Horse Introduction programs: