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This is Us!

Our Vision 

Sharing the wonder of what God has created through experiences, and relationships with horses to inspire compassion, care, responsibility, and self-awareness in today's world.

Our Values . . . 
  • Contributing to others through community, education, compassion, and equality.

  • Ensuring the care of our horses which never allows cruelty, neglect or abusive practices.

  • We are accountable for keeping a sustainable and natural balance between nature and our way of living.

Horse Introductions is a part of J & S Creative Enterprises family of creative businesses and is solely owned and operated by Judi and Steve Lyautey.


Our Story . . .

Steve is originally from New Mexico and was raised around rural farms where he worked as a teenager. He always took the time to enjoy horses when the opportunity arose.  Judi is originally from California. She loved driving the rural backroads where she found her first two Arabian horses, Khlown and Khelina.  


When we got married we relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth area and our horse family grew from two to four.  We began having opportunities to share our horses with other people who had never been around horses, had limited experience with horses, or even had bad experiences with horses.


We started realizing there was reoccurring interest from people to come meet our horses to learn about and experience them. We were also seeing more news articles about research and programs with horse interactions and Equine Assisted Learning.  It was then that our desire to create Horse Introductions was born.


There is a miraculous interaction that occurs when a person interacts with a horse. Horses are created with an emotional awareness that directly responds to what we are thinking and feeling.  It can become a relationship that reflects and reveals ourselves and the horse’s characters while also being nurturing and healing to both. It is these attributes that begs the heart and curiosity to know horses better. It is why we have created Horse Introductions: so others can come to know the magic friendship of horses.


We are currently living in Arlington, Texas and our horses, Khlown, Khelina, Chief and Kheeno are being boarded at El Rancho de Los Olivos in Dallas Texas.