Adult Introduction Sessions . . .

Discover or rediscover the wonderful world

of horses and experience how rewarding 

spending time with them can be!

All you want to know about horses and more!

  • How horses get to know you.

  • How a Horse sees You.

  • All about taking care of horses

  • How do horses behave and why

  • Ways to recover from a bad experience

  • Being part of the Herd

  • How People are Horse-leaders

  • Every thing you need to before you Ride!

At one time or another as adults we have wondered or wished to know what it's like to have an encounter with a horse. Others of us however, might have had fearful encounter with horses that we wish we could overcome. 

Either way, it's important to realize that the companionship, activity, and enjoyment of animals, especially horses, can provide adults with healthy and invigorating experiences. (See Reading Tab above for related information)

Today, more than ever, research is proving that interacting with horses can contribute to a healthier outlook, mental health, self-confidence and lifestyle through Equine-Assisted Learning  programs for adults. Horse related activities provides stress reduction, improved self-awareness, and life-coping skills for many who are seeking the positive emotional and physiological benefits of horses!

Our goal at Horse Introductions is to encourage and inspire the well-being others through the world of horses!

 Our Adult Sessions are designed for those 18 years

and older with a choice of 3-hour to 5-hour Day 

sessions and customization with Discovery Learning