• Meet the horse of your choice

    • Walking up and greeting it freely

    • Experience how a horse says hello

  • Get comfortable and relaxed with a horse

    • Walking up to a horse

    • Having a horse stand quietly next to you   

    • Touching a horse all over

  • Become a horse leader

    • Move a horse without touching

    • Halter a horse by your self

    • Lead a horse with control

    • How to exercise a horse

  • Groom a horse from head to tail

    • Including picking up their feet

  • What it feels like to ride a horse bare-back

    • How to tack-up a horse to ride 



horse or riding experience is required.  


activities can be performed from the ground.

  • How horses get to know you

    • A Horses Handshake

    • A Horses Greeting

  • How a Horse sees You

    • Walking up to meet a horse

    • Where to pet a horse's face  

    • Horses have blind spots

  • All about taking care of a horse

    • How and what they eat

    • Comb their Hair from Head to Tail

    • Hooves, Nails, and Shoes

  • Why horses Live in Herds

    • What is a "pecking order"

  • How horses are led by people

    • Using your "Body Language

  • Every thing needed to get Saddled Up!

Please READ our Safety & Risk Statement and complete an Equine Activity Waiver prior to booking any services!

Safe, hands-on, physically active experiences!