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 E.A. Program 1- First-Timer Introduction       (Program 2 - 3 - 4  click on one )

(A) "Just say H.I." -  Horse Introduction

Horses respond to their world in very sensitive ways. They can be curious, playful, bored, or afraid and even angry. Their, abilities to see movement, smell, hear and feel can cause them to run away or create trust. How a horse interacts with a person depends on how the person communicates with their body language. It all starts with knowing how to say "HI!"

  • How horses get to know you.

    • A Horses Handshake

    • A Horses Greeting.

  • How a Horse sees You.

    • Walking up to a horse.

    • Where to pet horse. 

    • Horses have blind spots

(C) Horsey Kinda Love

People who love horses have learned to join into a Horse's life by learning HOW to be "Horsey."  As a domestic animal Horses have come to actually appreciate being around people like they do other horses.  They anticipate eating times, getting a good scratching (brushing), and even spending time just standing around together.


  • All about caring for a horse.

    • How and what they eat.

    • Comb their Hair from Head to Tail.

    • Hooves, Nails, and Shoes


(B) Follow the Leader: YOUR IT!

Have you wondered what it would be like to Lead a horse or have a horse walk with you like a friend?   


  • Be the Head of the Herd

    • Haltering a Horse

    • How not to get stepped on.

    • How horses are led by people.

    • Spending Quality Time with your Friend

(D) Yahoo! How do I Ride?

The last thing you want is to miss out on is riding a horse! Or worse, getting hurt by falling off! It can be very exciting or a very scary thing if you're not prepared!  Learn what a horse needs to know to be a safe horse to ride, and what you need to know before you ride!

  • All about Riding a Horse

    • ​​​Everything to get Saddled Up!

    • Cues: Reins, Legs, and Bottom. 

    • Even What it feels to ride bareback.

    • "Cooling off" your horse: Is He Hot or Cold?

Hanging with the Herd (Part 1):

Horses interact with the people who come into their world. They will stop by to meet you to find out if you are their leader or if they are your leader.  Watch as the herd interacts with each other and learn how they communicate with their body language.  Learn how to speak that language, identify your horse personality, and establish your place in their social hierarchy as one of the herd!  

Horse Leadership (Part 2):    

Have you ever noticed how a horse will follow another horse down a trail nose to tail?  Experience how your body language can maneuver a horse, have a horse walk beside you, behind you, and move a horse forward, backward, left and right, even in circles, without saying a word.  More subdominant horses will easily take over leadership from a person who is not comfortable or confident, whereas, a horse that is at the top of the herd "pecking order" will need a more assertive leader and may take advantage of a timid person. Find a horse that matches your abilities and helps you grow to ultimately lead as master, rather than just a follower in the herd.  

Round Pen Action (Part 3):


Be in the round pen with several horses to experience the herd interaction up close and personal. Learn how to manage the herd, give direction and set the expectation of behavior for 1-2 horses at once.  Experience being chosen by a Horse as there way of showing acceptance of a person.


Herd Leadership (Part 4):

Participants come with varying degrees of horse experience, comfort level, self-confidence, and leadership skills.  Horses require varying degrees of leadership ability depending on where they fit in the herd and what they need from their human leader.  Establish leadership of the herd: control the movements, direction, speed, and temperament of all the animals at once.  Learn how to be decisive in your body language, make multiple decisions at once, plan further ahead, and become more thoughtful in your responses and actions. 


By combining three programs together:  (1) Horse Introduction, (2) Discovery Learning  with the special addition of Program 3 - Advance Obstacles and Challenges (below) activities summarized below, create the to ultimate in-depth learning and self-discovery experience.  Designed for personal enrichment, self-awareness, and life-skills learning, you will actively explore your mind and body connection through the world of horse life, care, communication, and relationship building. Our horses will respond to you from their equine perspective in an encounter that can have profound lasting effects of bringing you into a state of peace, calm, relaxation and understanding when all is said and done.  You truly will have to experience it to believe it yourself! 


Advance Obstacles and Challenges: 

Establish Alpha Leadership with a horse, and for groups - team communication and coordination, by mastering obstacles and challenges. Going through a gate, stepping on or over something scary, desensitizing you and your horse to new things, maneuvering around or through an obstacle or teaching the horse a new game works at putting the horse in a learning frame of mind while you learn awareness and confidence by maintaining leadership of the horse and developing the horse's respect through clearly expressed communication.




Introduction to HorsesDiscovery Learning and Obstacles and Challenges are combined into One or Two days  of Group Team Building Activities to provide unique group experiences utilizing horses that can facilitate building better communication, empathy, and group coordination in relationships between individuals.  Relationships in business between employees and supervisors or management; in families between Husband and Wife, parents and children caregivers, Grandparents and grandchildren; or even relationship between friends, associates or peers like youth groups, club members, or classmates, can all benefit.  Any relationship can be enhanced by experiencing together the insights, responses, and nuances that working with horses can reveal.

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