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*Children age 5 to 17 must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian age 21 years or older. 

YOUTH Sessions
H.I. 2 or 3 Hour Session

      Children's hearts are easily touched by horses, which can inspire lifelong benefits if introduced without fear. Safety is our 1st priority for everyone. That's why as skilled horse handlers with 25 years experience we give direct hands on supervision for every Horse Introduction Program participant. 

      Give your child a horsey dream-come-true!  Plan a birthday or special day together by adding a memorable keepsake with an H.I. gift or T-shirt Plan on a H.I. 2 or 3 Hour Session 

for ages 5 to 10 with adult supervision*. 

ADULT Sessions
3 Hour or 5-hour day Session

    For adults, it is common to never have had any experience with horses.  Or maybe you just want to get reacquainted. Sadly, sometimes what should have been an enjoyable encounter with horses turned out to be a frightening one with lasting negative effects. 

     Any adult 18 and older will have a great first-time experience, enjoy a renewed interaction with horses, or work to overcome embedded fear with an H.I. 3 Hour or 5-hour Day Session.         For those who want a more in-depth, personal growth and enrichment experience consider adding a customized Self-Discovery activity.

TEEN Sessions
H.I. 5-hour Day Session

      Teenagers live in a tumultuous time in their lives. Some do well, others not so well. In either case, a young person's curiosity or love of horses can provide an experience that can have positive lasting effects [Read "Do Horses Help Children?].

     Our Discovery Learning Program activities are designed to pique teen's interests and encourage life-skills development!  Give The Ultimate Experience and your Teen will come away more confident and able to take on challenges life might bring. Ages 11 to 17 will enjoy H.I. 5-hour Day Session with adult supervision*.  Add a memorable keepsake with an H.I. gift or T-shirt.  

GROUP Sessions
1 and 2-day Group Session

      If you're planning for your family gathering, a group of friends or company event, we have 1 and 2-day Group Sessions which includes both Introduction & Self-Discovery Program activities.  Experience friendly horse fun and group bonding utilizing Equine Assisted Learning packed with team-building activities and challenges!  These daylong sessions can be customized for up to 8 people, multi-age friends, families, or company groups.

     Learn about each other while sharing horses and step up your group event for a great day of fun!  Team T-shirts and BBQ lunch can be arranged!