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Safety Policies


Please Read Carefully

A Waiver of Liability must be completed to participate in any Horse Activity.


The facility we use is a third party private stable and not subject to health and safety inspections. Care is given to eliminate fire and safety risk factors, but is not always within J&S Creative Enterprises d.b.a. Horse Introductions control. Please be aware of your surroundings at all times.

No Drinking Water is  available on the premises. Please bring adequate beverages to stay hydrated. Portable outhouse facility is available for public use.


We are not required by Texas State Law to carry liability insurance.  All participants must read and sign a comprehensive Waiver of Liability to  engaged in any equine activity provided by J&S Creative Enterprises d.b.a. Horse Introductions. Please download the Waiver of Liability Here and read carefully before deciding to participate.


Horse Introductions does not make safety helmets  available to the public.  It is advised to make use of safety helmets when actively around horses, but it is left to the discretion of the participant and is not mandatory. Safety helmets are not worn by Horse Introductions personnel nor the representatives of J&S Creative Enterprises.  

We do require participants to wear suitable clothing and footwear when interacting with and leading the horses.  Footwear should preferably be a stable, low healed leather western or work boots without shoestrings. Appropriate clothing includes long pants, preferably thick blue jeans or canvas pants and closer fitting shirts without strings, light weight long sleeves are better for sun, fly and mosquito protection.


It is recognized that activities with horses carries an inherent risk, as horses (like humans) can be unpredictable. However, as experience horse owners Judi and Steve Lyautey, J&S Creative Services d.b.a. Horse Introductions, aim to minimize that risk by assessing the capabilities of each participants in writing and using suitable horses under our supervision, including external risk factors (such as weather, condition of environment and other factors) during EACH session. All our activities are risk-assessed and continuously reviewed by risk assessment and record-keeping  available upon request. To date we have had no accidents or reportable incidents to any of our participants.


All children under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present at all times. No child under the age of 10 will be allowed in or around any horses unless they are supervised or in possession of their parent or legal guardian.


Horse-Introduction Sessions are run by Judi and Steve Lyautey exclusively as Horse Introductions.


Horse welfare is paramount to our organization. We have a herd of four horses who are respected as partners in our work, and are matched appropriately to activities and clients. Our horses are trained using non-abusive training methods, and are kept in an environment which fulfill as many of their natural needs as possible. Participants are encouraged to be actively involved with understanding the care and well being of the horses. Any physical abuse towards the horses will not be tolerated under any circumstances.