Our Any of our

Introduction and Discovery Programs

are Designed for Teensage 13 through 17 years old with a Choice of 3-hour or 

5-hour Day sessions and customization with Discovery Learning


Give your Teen the opportunity to have a great 

experience that can improve how they think and feel about themselves and the world around them!

 Teen Introduction Sessions . . .

Everyone knows children and animals go together and how caring for animals provide unconditional companionship and enjoyment.


Even more important, inspiring Teen activities with Horses can lead to healthier outlook, self-confidence and lifestyles as they grow up!


Today, research is validating Equine Assisted Learning with Children  - Horse related activities - provides development of self-awareness and life skills that generate positive emotional and physiological benefits!


Our goal at HorseIntroductions is for encouraging and inspiring the wellbeing of children to adults through the world of horses!

All they want to know about horses and more!

  • How horses get to know you.

  • How a Horse sees You.

  • All about taking care of horses

  • How do horse behave and why

  • Being part of the Herd

  • How People are Horse-leaders

  • Every thing you need to Ride!

*Children age 5 to 17 must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian age 21 years or older.