*Equine Activity Waiver of Liability*

EVERYONE who wants to get to know horses must know that riding, handling, or even being near a horse or horses can cause you and others to suffer severe bodily injuries.

Among other things, horses are mostly unpredictable by nature. 

While the benefits and enjoyment of horses are legendary,

horse activities are inherently and notoriously risky!

      Before booking your Horse Introduction Session...



Please download this PDF document and read it carefully  

For example, when frightened, angry, or under stress, the natural instincts of a horse are to jump forward or sideways, back up quickly, or run away from danger by trotting or galloping. Horses are also known to kick, buck, rear up, spin around, strike, or bite. You need to know that equines can do any of these things without warning, without apparent reason, even if they have no history of inflicting injury.


They are powerful animals with the potential to be dangerous to people and other animals that

are on, near, or around them.


Furthermore, it is important to understand that riding, handling, or even being near a horse can expose you to numerous hazards, which could include, the possibility of a horse to behave in ways that may result in personal injury or death!


The unpredictability of a horse's reaction to a sudden sound, movement, or an unfamiliar object, person, or other animal; additionally a collision with another equine, animal, or object; certain land conditions and variations; and/or potential for a participant to act in a manner that may contribute to the injury to the participant or some other, including the failure to maintain control over the equine or acting within the participant’s ability.


It is absolutely necessary that you understand, with full knowledge and appreciation of the inherent risks of horse activities, and that you freely and voluntarily agree to assume the risks for yourself or as a guardian of any child or adult involved in any aspect of Horse Introduction activities at any time.